Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gatebil September 2012

here's the shots from Gatebil, September 2012 (better late than never:-)
I came late to the event and "had" to leave early because of  the rain that came during the "Breisladd" competition. But IMHO I got some " keepers", even though I was there only a short time. Some of you have probably seen some of the shots earlier on my facebook page. But still there are some unpublished photos here. And not least, the quality of the pictures is much better here than on facebook. Remember to click on the pictures to see them LARGE !  

Now I´m heading out to Rudskogen again, with the trunk full of equipment (Including my Rig-pro boom + + ) So stay tuned !

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 Jonny Smith from Fifth Gear getting ready for drifting in the "breisladd" competition. How it turned out, you can se on Fifth Gear next year.
 Jonny Smith from Fifth Gear posing for the crowd !

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Teaser from Gatebil September 2012

Home again after a great day at Rudskogen. My trip there was a bit shorter than planned, because when the "breisladd" competition was about to start, it suddenly came bucket loads of water from the sky ! This of course amputated some of the excitement you normally get when watching drifting :-) But non the less a lot of great cars attended the last Gatebil event this year !

Jonny Smith from Fifth Gear was also here today with a film crew. He made a hard effort to learn drifting (With a rather poor outcome) This will be broadcasted on Fifth Gear later.

More shots coming soon!

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rudskogen motor festival

Here are the shots from last weekend's motor festival at Rudskogen racetrack. This was the official opening of the facility, although the track has been in use for a while now. Loads of great stuff packed in to one weekend, with happenings like Chris Pfeiffer, Superbike, GT racing, shortcar, Pitts Xtra 300 airshow, amcar show, Terry Grant stuntshow and lots more. But the main attraction was clearly the Red Bull F1 team, that set a new track record with the time 1.10.020.

Enjoy the pictures, and as always, click on the pictures to see the bigger (recommended :-)

 Il Tempo Gigante VS Koenigsegg Automotive 

 Ronnie Peterson's March 721, from 1972.
 Chris Pfeiffer