Saturday, 30 April 2011

AMG E60 photoshoot

had a photoshoot with a AMG E60 last week. Finally finished with image editing.
With a 6-liter V8 engine, this is a pretty brutal car !
Yet another time I am challenged by a black car. This is especially challenging due to the black car reflects everything around it (like a mirror) This car had 9 layers of clear coat too, which made it really shiny.
The images from the first location are all multiple Polarization put together in photoshop, to eliminate reflections. I am satisfied with this location, and
will definitely be used again when they fill water in the pond I took pictures from.

 These images are lightpainted with a fluorescent tube:

 Tested another location also. But because the snow has just melted, it is not directly beautifully outdoors now :-) So these pictures were not as good as I hoped :-(
The light was not so good, and changing all the time ...

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