Wednesday, 27 July 2011

NSK at Rudskogen race track 24.07.2011.

Rain rain rain describes that day.... but will definitely return to the new race track at Rudskogen at a later date. Walked around about half the race track, and is definitely a lot of good photo spots there. Need a longer lens the next time I'm there :-)
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Friday, 22 July 2011

Long time since last update! Vacation time ......

Have been busy lately, so have been little time for photography ...
To much to do, and my son has been through a heart operation (ASD / Atrial septal defect) But all is well now  :-)

Currently working on creating an automotive photography rig. So hopefully there will be some cool pictures of cars in motion soon :-)
I also have plans on going to the new Rudskogen racetrack. NSK raceday 24 july, and "Gatebil" 9-11 september. Really looking forward to taking pictures on the new track, which has various height differences that may provide some cool perspectives / angles :-)
Have been on summer holiday in Norway this year.
Was lucky and had great weather the 3 days we were in Bergen, without the kids :-)

(but the rest of the holiday has been rain rain rain...)
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 The 24 509 meter long Lærdal tunnel (one of the 3 turning/stoping places in the tunnel)
According to my knowledge still the world's longest road tunnel !