Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gatebil on ice 2013

Well, it's a new year, and a long time since there was any updates on my blog. Having long felt the itching in my finger to press that camera trigger on something loud and fast on a race track again. I was down right feeling trigger happy. Finally, it starts to happen things in the motorsport area again after a down period in November/December. On Saturday, 26.01.2013 I sat course to Eggedal and Hebbes ice racing track. -10 degrees Celsius, cloudy and some snow throughout the day definitely didn’t ruin the mood. At the Gatebil events It’s full throttle all day, and ice spikes flying like missiles throughout the frozen lake. What a blast !
Names like Kenneth Moen, Kenneth Alm, Fredric Aasbø, Fredrik Sørlie and Anders Grøndal should indicate a lot of show on the ice :)

And yes it was !

On the ice, you find all kinds of cars. Everything from old Volvo 240's, to newer BMW M3's and drifting cars, race cars, rally cars and crazy constructions such as Fredrik Alm's 876hp quattro madness.

One of the much advertised celebrities was of course Fredric Aasbø. It's not a secret that he attracts a lot of extra spectators.
But he was having a lot of trouble with his car misfiring under the "snøsprøyten" competition (Ice drifting).  It was apparently some incorrect connections that made his engine run on a coolant and fuel mixture,  which of course is not a good combination :)

Here is fredric in a not so well known pose around a turn (without any sign of drifting:) But damn his GT86 still looks good going just straight forward !

 But when having no engine trouble, Fredric was showing his skills big time.

Another car that have gotten a lot of attention last year was Fredrik Sørlie's 1977 Toyota Cressida.
Older Japanese cars are incredibly popular at the moment, and I must say they look darn cool with only a small dose of modification. Here is Fredrik showing How big his a turbocharger is designed and works :) 

Ok, over to some more sensible facts ... Frederick is a "multiartist" designer, who also drifts, rides trikes ++ , and he is also a very capable automotive photographer. Here we see him in a one-hand drift, while showing the photographers a "rock on"! ....... I love this shot!

It's also possible to get a ride in one of the Gatebil taxi's. Tuned M5, with a roll cage and 4 bucket seats. And off course a skilled driver !

The Norwegian Rally driver Anders Grøndal, was also out there practicing.

Kenneth Alm was out on the track to show off. And he does this in his typical way. either he is  covered in white smoke, or like here, covered in white snow. This is Kenneth's typical approach angle 100 meters before entering the corner. Love his style !

 Kenneth Moen with his trophy. He got the first place in the "snøsprøyten" competition.

 Now I'm gonna leave you to enjoy the rest of the shot's. 

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Gatebil on ice 2013 teaser !

Some teaser shots From Gatebil on ice 2013.  
Working my ass off to get the shots and blog post ready. 

Names like Kenneth Moen, Kenneth Alm, Fredric Aasbø, Fredrik Sørlie and Anders Grøndal should indicate a lot of fun on the ice :)

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