Monday, 14 March 2011

First post :-)

Hi ! 

I am a photography enthusiast from Norway. I take mostly pictures of cars and landscapes, but also pictures of other nonsense  :-)
At my homepage, you find my portfolio: WWW.KKMFOTO.COM
I will try to update the blog as often as i shoot something maybe off intrest to others, and explanations about the pictures :-)
Feel free to post questions regarding the pictures (techniques/photo technique) or post a comment if you want !

I'll start up with some pictures I have previously taken:
(Cars first, and landscapes further down)

A Porsche 993 C2 i shoot for a guy who needed them for his car ad.
Quite a lot of photoshop work has been spent on these images. Multiple-polarizations have been merged togheter in photoshop to remove reflections, and a great deal of cloning of the rest of the landscape.
Tha Porsche shot from "above", was shot from the roof of my brothers Landrover, to get a high vantage point.
Then to a testdrive with something completely different, the "new" VW Cross Polo. The first 2 pictures are from an old engine test area for aircrafts at Fornebu, Oslo. The shots are from 1 exposure, using an wireless SB-900 for fill.

And then one multible flash settup with all pictures merged in photoshop with layestyle sett to "lighten"
(And of course some other photoshop magic :-)

VW Gof R (270hp/4-motion/DSG:-) 
Realy fun car to drive. Looks quite anonymous, but has 60hp more than the Golf GTI :-)
The shots are "snapshots", and nothing extraordinary.
The first picture is from my first try at multiple flash photograpy, and shot at f2,8, it is way to soft/short DOF. 

Ok, now we get to the landscape pictures 
(And some seascapes/architecture :-)

This is from Oslofjorden:

Old grain mill in Valdres, Norway

And one from where the troll`s live :-) Valdres, Norway

Boat leaving Oslo harbour

Oslo concert hall at night (HDR)

Early morning in Oslo

2 from Vinstra lake near Beitostølen, Norway

Autumn and winter in the same location (Valdres, Norway)

If you want to se moore, check out my website !

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