Friday, 25 March 2011

Porsche 911s coupe image build-up in Photoshop

Ok, since I have no publishing restrictions, here is my latest picture.
The picture was taken for a publication in the magazine "Classic". (Norwegian porsche club magazine).
There was snow, wind and freezing temperatures outside, so it was not possible to take the car out on  summer wheels. Since the location choice was so limited, the image was shot in the garage where the car was stored. This image is made of multiple pictures in photoshop. For the most part  flash photos added together in "lighten" blending mode in photoshop, and a layer mask to each image, to remove what dosn`t Improve the picture. The picture is shot with my "old" D300, Nikkor 17-55 2,8 and one SB-900 fired wireless with CLS.

I have made a short video with the image builde-up in photoshop.

Recomend to watch this directely in you-tube, and chose HD 720 here:

Or watch in "low res" here:

Have a nice weekend !

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