Monday, 16 May 2011

Spring meeting, Norwegian sports car club (NSK)

Last sunday i was enjoying a day at the Spring meeting for the Norwegian sports car club.
Nice to have a day without serious car photography, and
just to enjoy the sun and the cars :-)
Here are some of the pictures . The rest of the pictures you can see at the Norwegian sports car club's website here: / viewtopic.php? p = 32324 # 32324 
(Click and scroll to top)
New photos will be posted there continuously ...

Edit: Have also posted a video on youtube now:
Please select HD (720) !

Jaguar E-type
Ford GT40
Lamborghini Miura (Previously owned by Frank Sinatra)

 TVR Vixen (With a Daimler V8)

Ferrari 308 GTSI 




  1. How did you focussed Ford GT40? nice shot.

  2. Thanks obserwator !

    I can only thank my Nikon D700 perfect continuous focusing.
    I stood on a balcony and heard the car accelerate, a quick pan through the trees, and only got to take one picture before the car was gone. (Exif: AF-C, f6,3, 1/125 sec, ISO 220, 200mm)