Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Second batch of pictures from gatebil 10.09.2011 Rudskogen !

I´ve had i had a lot of requests for more pictures, after I posted the shots from gatebil a while back.
Many have wanted pictures for private use, Web pages or sponsor e-mails.
So I hope those who have received pictures earlyer are satisfied :-) I have also picked out a good handful of additional images as well. These images were not initially intended as a "set", so here you will find all sorts of different post processings after my daily mood :-) Hope you enjoy them :-)

As always, click on the pictures to view them larger !

Supra blowing it´s tire :-)

 Eidsvold´s Porsche ready for some drifting on slick tires....

Not always with the expected result...

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