Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Update!

Crappy weather for car photography these days, so i haven't "shot" any cars for a while now. Too much to do at work, and renovations at home doesn't give much extra time either. But i really feel that I am ready to test out the new rig now ! We'll see what happens :-)
Unfortunately i had no time to visit Gatebil on Ice yesterday either, because of three birthdays I had to attend this weekend.
But have begun to study the schedules for all race tracks in my area of Norway, for the possible photo opportunities this season.
If anyone has any tips on action-packed photo opportunities that`s not well published in the media, please send me a mail, or reply in my blog !
Big chance that I'l appear  :-)

Her is a shot from Reptilparken, taken from just before Christmas. Great place for photo opportunities, but the light is extremely dim some places there (Had to pump up the iso bigtime on my D700 :-)

Ordered a new company car yesterday, so my trusty "family transportation vehicle" is up for sale in the end of May :-)
2003 Golf Exlusive, 1,9TDI (100Hp pump injector engine)
(Just a snapshot from a location scouting some time ago)

Have a great Sunday everyone and hope it picks up slightly regarding photo opportunities in the near future !

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