Friday, 25 March 2011

Porsche 911s coupe image build-up in Photoshop

Ok, since I have no publishing restrictions, here is my latest picture.
The picture was taken for a publication in the magazine "Classic". (Norwegian porsche club magazine).
There was snow, wind and freezing temperatures outside, so it was not possible to take the car out on  summer wheels. Since the location choice was so limited, the image was shot in the garage where the car was stored. This image is made of multiple pictures in photoshop. For the most part  flash photos added together in "lighten" blending mode in photoshop, and a layer mask to each image, to remove what dosn`t Improve the picture. The picture is shot with my "old" D300, Nikkor 17-55 2,8 and one SB-900 fired wireless with CLS.

I have made a short video with the image builde-up in photoshop.

Recomend to watch this directely in you-tube, and chose HD 720 here:

Or watch in "low res" here:

Have a nice weekend !

Monday, 14 March 2011

Teaser !

A little teaser of what i am working on now !

Hopefully, this picture is going to be published in a magazine :-)

First post :-)

Hi ! 

I am a photography enthusiast from Norway. I take mostly pictures of cars and landscapes, but also pictures of other nonsense  :-)
At my homepage, you find my portfolio: WWW.KKMFOTO.COM
I will try to update the blog as often as i shoot something maybe off intrest to others, and explanations about the pictures :-)
Feel free to post questions regarding the pictures (techniques/photo technique) or post a comment if you want !

I'll start up with some pictures I have previously taken:
(Cars first, and landscapes further down)

A Porsche 993 C2 i shoot for a guy who needed them for his car ad.
Quite a lot of photoshop work has been spent on these images. Multiple-polarizations have been merged togheter in photoshop to remove reflections, and a great deal of cloning of the rest of the landscape.
Tha Porsche shot from "above", was shot from the roof of my brothers Landrover, to get a high vantage point.
Then to a testdrive with something completely different, the "new" VW Cross Polo. The first 2 pictures are from an old engine test area for aircrafts at Fornebu, Oslo. The shots are from 1 exposure, using an wireless SB-900 for fill.

And then one multible flash settup with all pictures merged in photoshop with layestyle sett to "lighten"
(And of course some other photoshop magic :-)

VW Gof R (270hp/4-motion/DSG:-) 
Realy fun car to drive. Looks quite anonymous, but has 60hp more than the Golf GTI :-)
The shots are "snapshots", and nothing extraordinary.
The first picture is from my first try at multiple flash photograpy, and shot at f2,8, it is way to soft/short DOF. 

Ok, now we get to the landscape pictures 
(And some seascapes/architecture :-)

This is from Oslofjorden:

Old grain mill in Valdres, Norway

And one from where the troll`s live :-) Valdres, Norway

Boat leaving Oslo harbour

Oslo concert hall at night (HDR)

Early morning in Oslo

2 from Vinstra lake near Beitostølen, Norway

Autumn and winter in the same location (Valdres, Norway)

If you want to se moore, check out my website !