Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My automotive Rig is Finally in place :-)

Finally after spending about 4 months to obtain all the necessary parts, the rig is finally complete !!
Really looking forward to this, although it is getting late in the season for automotive photography. 
After waiting 3 months of the suction cups from fotovideo.no, and endless promises with "they will come next Monday", I gave up
pressed the pay button on bhphotovideo.com, and 3 days later the brown dressed UPS man knocked on my door (and the total price was much cheaper than buying in Norway). 
My biggest thanks go to Andrew Thompson, who helped me with the rig boom i tried to get built here in Norway with no luck. The "VisualEchos rig boom "  Have a total assembled length of 14', and made from 3 section of 55" each (All aluminium, including the couplers). The price of the rig boom is just as much as it would cost me only for the aluminum pipe here in Norway (without couplers and the help with threading etc). But the brown dressed guy demanded more money for the shipping of this, than the actual boom cost`s :-(
I'm Really looking forward to testing this rig out :-)




  1. Avenger cups, check
    long tubing from strong light material, check
    Manfrotto magic arm(?), check
    Superclamps, check

    This can't be bad :)

  2. Thanks Anders!
    Now if i only had time to test it.....too much to do these days :-)

  3. Well better to wait for summer anyways(Easy for me to say, I haven't built my rig yet :P )

    What was the total cost w/o the piping ? I'm considering either building my own or buing a complete kit, the kit cost 2500,- w/o shipping, and loose parts are around 1500+- ?

  4. At bhphotovideo, it will cost you about $290+shipping (+ rig boom)
    I do not know what "complete package" you mention, but those i have seen is not the same quality as this (especially the rig boom).
    Good luck ! :-)

  5. Thanks, think I will build one myself as well.
    Been looking at this


  6. Works fine for sure that one too, but the bar is very short and looks a bit Flimsy.(Look at the pictures in the link, how big distortion you get by being so close to the car with an extreme wide angle lens)
    And it doesn't have the magic arm, which is very nice to have to fine tune the composition, and come closer to the ground.

  7. You're right. Magic arm and a stable boom is more important than I have though when considering the rig from hauge.
    avenger, superclam and magicarm for me too then :)